During one of our surveys to find the true need of students in the village of Alatipkota, we had a chance to meet Kodjo. Kodjo is in 7th grade. He walks 5.5 miles to school every day. His daily commute to school (round trip) equates to 11miles a day. He leaves his residence at dusk and returns after dark. One of the questionnaires on the survey was: “what is it that you need in order to perform better at school?” His answer to this question was: Flashlight.

We asked him why and he responded that every day he walks in the dark from and to school, and he was afraid of being bitten by a snake and other animals or tripping over branches and thorns while going and coming from school.

Togo Kids Hope offered him a Bicycle instead. The bicycle cut his travel time by 3. Now Kodjo heads to school after sun-up and returns before sun-down. He is safe every day and his fatigue level has tremendously decreased.