Our current project for 2022 is 1000 bicycles for Togo. This year Togo Kids Hope is campaigning for 1000 bicycles to ship to Togo (West Africa). We plan on organizing a few bicycle drives and events to reach the 1000 bikes count.

Togo Kids Hope is also counting on its partners to make the campaign a success. The 1K bike for Togo campaign is put together to service the northern region of Togo namely the Savane region where our assistance is greatly needed.

Dapaong is the capital of the Savane region in Togo. The Savane region is located 620km away from our warehouse in Lome. Based on our research the average student walks 12 miles a day. The 1K bicycle for Togo is a major project for Togo Kids Hope because of its entire cost, and the time constraint.