Free Follow-Up Repairs To All Bicycles Donated After The 1st Year

At Togo Kids Hope, one year after the bikes are given, we always go back and visit the sites to make sure that the bikes that we donated are still functional. The reason being is that most bikes that we pick up from people have an issue that why people are throwing them away.

Our staff in Togo visits the schools and survey the students and the bikes again. The young people are surveyed to evaluate the impact the bike donation is making in their lives and if the attendance has increased. We also take a glimpse at their previous and current grades. The initiative is to encourage them to perform better in school. We give support if it’s needed.

The bikes are surveyed, repaired, and given back to their beneficiary for the upcoming school year.

So far we have been successful in the mission and the feedback we receive proves that we are making a difference in people’s lives.